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il giardino | antica osteria

Our philosophy

Giuseppe, The Chef, pursues his cooking passion for childhood, as soon as he was a teenager he started to attend the famous Hospitality Institute of Vico Equense (from which a lot of really famous and talented chefs come from), with a lot of passion and willpower Giuseppe get the diploma and starts his career rewarding his efforts.

Starting as teenager in some importants restaurant in Capri he already had the opportunity to taste and experience the work of some of the most famous chefs in Italy; as everybody in this field starting from the most humble position with the dream, looking a the Faraglioni from the window, of managing a kitchen on his own. After the diploma he started working between Capri and Courmayeur, serving the most popular hotels and restaurants, important experiences that reinforced him both as a chef and as a man.
Dopo il diploma alberghiero si destreggia tra Capri e Courmayeur, a servizio negli hotel e nei ristoranti più noti, esperienze importanti che lo temprano come chef e come uomo.

il giardino | antica osteria

The History of the “Giardino”

At some point in his life, Giuseppe, tired of the few stimulus from his small town and his incredible wellness of growth, with a lot of sacrifices and difficulties, at the age of 25, he comes to own a small diner in Rome, which is a success, thanks to his professionalism and meticulosity. He is well loved and appreciated by everybody in his surrounding.

The were hard years for him, speared from his behalf, Maria, who he tried to reach every time he could. She is the other half of this story. At the age of 22, Maria, a law student, decided to move for love to Rome and start working with Giuseppe. Here it started a story of love and work which still resists time and changes.

il giardino | antica osteria

From the local diner to the downtown restaurant

Giuseppe and Maria, as great workers, built a strong network of beloved people and professionals and their business grew with their love. Young and focused, they decided to upgrade their business in 1999. Giuseppe wanted to keep going and growing, the local diner was too tight for the size of his aspiration; he decided to sell the activity and invest in something bigger. Maria thought it was time to risk and move to the city center with banks, offices and a lot of people. Right after they found the right offer in Porta Portese: a bar restaurant requiring a consistent investment, debt and sacrifice. Maybe for a bit of youth unconsciousness or maybe the consciousness of being focused to work hard and reach the objective brought them to make this huge step.

The new place were giving them a lot of duties: the perfect wait and kitchen staff, a lot of kindness and a dash of Neapolitan vibes; but both of them were still not satisfied, it was needed a renovation work work, give a new aesthetic to the place and after 3 months of work, it started a story of 13 years, in the heart of Eur in one of the most famous and popular of the Eternal city.

Then the next step, for a couple that won't stop and is always ready for new challenges, the hearth of the Capital, it's a story that have the taste of the city, from the beauty of small street and suggestive buildings surrounded by tourists from all over the world: here it starts the crazy idea of taking the opportunity of a new place next to Via del Tritone, Piazza Barberini and few steps from Fontana di Trevi and Piazza di Spagna.

il giardino | antica osteria

The Launch

It born Il Giardino, Antica Osteria 1909, an historical restaurant which lived in the best years of the Capital and still, in the hand of Maria and Giuseppe, live again the splendore us of a time linking tradition and innovation: carbonara, amatriciana, gricia, cacio e pepe, abbacchio scottadito, roman artichoke, roman saltimbocca and much more recipes Giuseppe purpose with success. But Il Giardino is also contemporary seafood dishes (SPAGHETTONE GRAGNANO WITH CLAMS, BOTTARGA AND CHOPPED PISTACHIOS, Franciacorta risotto with julienne calamari, PACCHERI WITH AMBERJACK FISH SAUCE AND BURRATA, crunchy octopus on chickpeas hummus and confit tomatoes, etc.) and meat, all recipes to try and taste the greatness and goodness.

Welcoming and comfortable place. Kind and polite staff; food was great, from antipasto to dessert! Really good prices to be in the heart of Rome. Warmly advised!
Nadia Lapucci
Luogo elegante a un km dal Pincio e non molto distante dalla fontana di Trevi. Personale accogliente e disponibile. Accoglienza per il cliente la parola d'ordine che siano amici oppure turisti.
Federica Ceraldi
Ottimi primi,locale incantevole e soft,personale di una cortesia e gentilezza sublime,grazie
Pasquale Di Paola
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